Lily Pond Table

Table 52 x 32 x 42cm

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This coffee table was designed to replicate the sense of water. Verde Guatemala was the perfect choice to represent the pond, with the use of labradorite creating the effect of light reflecting off the water. The perspective of the lily pads with the dragonfly in the foreground is important in helping to bring the table alive.

Conch shells, sourced from tropical beaches, represent the lilies. A huge amount of skill is needed to accurately slice these up to create flat pieces from their curved shape. The right shading is vital. Hard agate, transparent and mottled, is used for the centre of the flower. Thomas applied 22-carat gold leaf on the back. Another challenge was the creation of the dragonfly wings. At only 1mm thick, and therefore incredibly fragile, the agate lets the green background show through.


March 30, 2016

“We are absolutely delighted with the pieces of pietra dura we commissioned Thomas to make. He is a superb craftsman and we highly recommend him.”