Westminster Cathedral

226 x 108.7cm

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To commemorate Pope Benedict XVI’s inaugural visit to England in 2010 this 7ft x 4.5ft white Carrara marble slab was commissioned for the entrance floor of Westminster Cathedral, the ‘mother church’ of the Roman Catholic community in England and Wales. The Latin inscription (designed by Caroline Webb, an eminent letter carver) was cut and inlaid by hand with Egyptian porphyry.


After having sourced a suitable piece of white Carrara marble, in this case weighing 250kg and 4cm thick and with consistent and even veining throughout, Thomas used red Egyptian imperial porphyry for Benedictus XVI. This stone was traditionally used for Popes and other significant people as purple has long been seen as the colour of royalty. Green porphyry was used for the rest of the script. Each character was cut out using hand tools and fitted to perfection with the use of diamond files.

March 30, 2016

“We are absolutely delighted with the pieces of pietra dura we commissioned Thomas to make. He is a superb craftsman and we highly recommend him.”